(Phase 3) Remediation Options Appraisal / Remediation Strategy

Where intrusive site investigation and associated risk assessments indicate unacceptable risk from contamination it is prudent to undertake a Remediation Options Appraisal to determine the most appropriate Remediation Strategy for the site.

BOLD Environmental offers an independent and expert approach to Remedial Options Appraisal, in general accordance with Environment Agency guidance ‘Land Contamination Risk Management’ (LCRM) (2020, updated 2023). Our Options Appraisal includes consideration of the development footprint, construction methods, timeframe, space, cost-benefits and importantly the site Conceptual Model to ensure selection of the most appropriate remediation techniques to break pollutant linkages through source reduction, pathway management, or modifying exposure to the receptor.

Our approach to producing a Remediation Strategy incorporates clear remedial objectives and remedial targets underpinned by regulatory consultation. Dependent on site conditions and setting, our Remediation Strategy would always include works zonation, material handling, health & safety, and lines of communication.

BOLD Environmental has established strong connections with specialised remediation contractors. Our independent status enables Clients to place confidence in the efficacy of our selection of remedial techniques and project delivery.

In summary our Remediation Services comprise:

  • Remediation Options Appraisal
  • Remediation Strategy – development and review
  • Management and supervision of remediation contractors
  • Remediation Validation and reporting

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