(Phase 1) Geoenvironmental Desk Study

Established regulatory guidance in determining the risk associated with potentially contaminated land favours adherence to a phased risk-based approach commencing with a Phase 1 Geoenvironmental Desk Study (“Desk Top Study”). Such studies are typically required by Local Planning Authorities as an integral part of the planning process relevant to both new build and redevelopment sites where a change of land use is under consideration.

A Desk Top Study from BOLD Environmental focuses on both the historic and current environmental setting of the site to identify potential contamination risk and environmental liabilities which may inform commercial decisions. The study provides a clear qualitative Conceptual Site Model for the site using the recognised “Source – Pathway – Receptor” approach.

The study outcome may indicate a requirement for further work, such as a Phase 2 Ground Investigation to resolve potential issues; or conversely it may provide sufficient confidence that environmental liabilities are negligible and little or no further action is required.

A Phase 1 Desk Top Study from BOLD Environmental incorporates the following elements:

  • Confirmation of the site Environmental Setting (geology, hydrogeology, hydrology)
  • Historical and Current Land use with reference to ordnance survey mapping
  • A collation and assessment of statutory and non-statutory records and databases
  • Identification of Potential Contaminants (based on historic and current land use)
  • Site Reconnaissance – to provide an essential up to date assessment of operational and physical details
  • Informal discussions with site owners, occupants or local residents
  • Provision of a Conceptual Model for the site; to indicate potential Sources of contamination, Pathways for contamination migration (pollutant linkages) and potential Receptors
  • Concluding comment as to the qualitative Environmental Risk relevant to the site

A full report including all relevant maps and site photographs is provided. The report format is suitable for submission to the Local Planning Authority.