Utility Location Search Service

A Utility Location Search is recommended when undertaking site development. It is essential to obtain information on the size, location and trajectory of all services to safeguard against expensive damage and allow cost-effective development design.

At BOLD we provide a centralised search service which saves you the time consuming task of following up individual searches yourself. We provide our Clients with a CD containing maps of the utility services relevant to the site, together with individual contacts for each utility provider. For clarity we also provide notifications from providers that have confirmed they neither own nor operate utilities within the immediate vicinity. In summary, BOLD provides the following:

  • Site Specific Information – PDF utility maps centered on the site with sufficient radial clearance to indicate the trajectory of utilities within the surrounding vicinity.
  • Contacts – Details for individual suppliers should you need to make further enquires.
  • Fee - Fixed Fee Quotation – inclusive of VAT.
  • Turnaround - Standard 20 working day service.
  • Reporting – A single CD containing all maps, contacts and notifications. Emailed maps will also be provided on request; you decide!

For further details on our service and our pricing schedule please do not hesitate to call or email.

Please be aware that information contained within supplied plans is current only on the day that the plans are issued. Plans should only be used for the duration of the work.

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