(Phase 2) Geoenvironmental Assessment - Design and Management

As part of the a Phased Approach to the assessment of potentially contaminated land an intrusive Phase 2 Geoenvironmental Assessment may be required to clarify potential environmental uncertainty. There are a variety of techniques which may be employed dependent on the nature of the potential risk, the physical condition and attributes of the site, and importantly the defining aim of the project.

 A Phase 2 Geoenvironmental Assessment needs careful consideration in design, efficient safe undertaking and effective management.

BOLD Environmental offers extensive experience in the management of Phase 2 investigations with our services incorporating:

  • Investigation design and costing
  • Procurement of specialist contractors (including geotechnical services)
  • Development of sampling and monitoring programmes for soil, groundwater and gas
  • Completion of relevant chemical testing (using UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratories)
  • Preparation of factual and interpretative reporting including risks to controlled waters and human health
  • Human Health Risk Appraisal in accordance with CLEA guidance
  • Groundwater Risk Assessment (using Remedial Targets Methodology or ConSim)
  • Gas Risk Assessment (adopting CIRIA guidance and methodology)
  • Recommendations for additional works or remediation

BOLD Environmental works within a network of associates to provide comprehensive Phase 2 Geoenvironmental Assessment. All Phase 2 projects are managed by Paul Godbold a MSc qualified Hydrogeologist with CSCS Manager accreditation.

With our Clients agreement, the approach at Bold is to engage in early dialogue with the relevant regulatory authorities prior to commencement of site works. From our experience early consultation can assist greatly when seeking to address and discharge Environmental Planning Conditions.

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