Expert Technical Witness services (Contaminated Land)

BOLD Environmental is able to offer experienced Expert Technical Witness services through Paul Godbold BSc, MSc, FGS. Paul has appeared at Public Inquiry and provided Technical Expert services in out of court settlements.

Public Inquiry

Paul was engaged on behalf of a property developer to provide Expert Technical Advice and prepare Proof of Evidence documentation regarding the appropriateness of remedial options in addressing potential development of a brownfield site impacted with chlorinated solvents. The public inquiry was an appeal hearing which entailed working closely with Queen’s Council and cross examination spanning two days.

Dispute Resolution

Having been engaged by a firm of solicitors Paul provided technical expert services for the respondent in a private residential dispute over suspected contamination from a domestic wastewater soakaway. Paul undertook a site investigation and provided an Interpretative Report for submission to the County Court. The work involved significant liaison with the Client, legal representatives and the claimants own Technical Expert to draw up a Memorandum of Issues on which both experts agreed. The case was settled out of court.

Any enquiry regarding potential legal issues would be treated in the strictest confidence. BOLD Environmental would be happy to enter into confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements if required.

Bold Environmental holds both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance; please do not hesitate to ask for details.

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