Assistance with Environmental Planning Conditions

Whether you are deliberating a pre-application planning enquiry, or addressing environmental conditions appended to a successful planning determination, the assessment of environmental risk and identification of critical liabilities is integral to land transactions or redevelopment.

BOLD Environmental offers a wealth of experience assisting Clients to rationalise their uncertainties in the wording and presentation of environmental planning conditions and establishing a pragmatic and often bespoke approach to successfully progressing and discharging planning conditions.       

BOLD Environmental offers confidential Client Advocate services and would be happy to accompany you at regulatory meetings or to act as your independent representative; we can accommodate to suit your budget and timeframe.

We are also able to provide assistance in preparing Scoping Reports and Environmental Statements where Clients are seeking Scoping Opinions prior to a full planning application. We specialise in Land Quality assessment and preparation of Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)

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