Environmental Due Diligence (bespoke site appraisals)

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) is an important consideration in commercial transactions involving land or premises; typically comprising part of a wider assessment of all commercial and legal issues.

BOLD is geared to providing a technical due diligence service focused on actual and potential soil and groundwater liabilities that may impact the balance sheets of both purchasers and vendors alike.

By evaluating historical and current land-use data and activities from published records, site inspection and discussions with site owners or occupants, we are able to collate and present environmental criteria and assess potential liabilities. This process can be completed for a single site, or be tailored to enable comparison between a portfolio of sites where less detailed initial screening is required.

The land focused technical assessment provided by BOLD enables our Clients financial and legal backers to subsequently assess potential financial risk and evaluate environmental indemnities and warranties.

Dependent on the level of detail required, the reporting format for the BOLD EDD can be predominantly tabulated or presented in a more traditional written format. We provide bespoke site appraisals, so if commercial sensitivities restrict site visits just let us know and we can accommodate what suits you best.

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